250 West Ocean Blvd Suite F

Long Beach, Ca 90802

(562) 794-7149

Play and Walking Services


      Our PaWSTORY

specializes in customizing your Doggie Plan to meet your needs and lifestyle.

We believe that socialization and exercise are very important elements of your doggie's way of life. Plus its FUN!!!

We are family operated and have been in business since 2013.
DOGGIE PaWS World  owner, the SPUNKY Na Onka Mixon created DOGGIE PaWS  as a way of letting her dog  Minion, socialize with other dogs by having play dates, doggie partys, and lots of exercise and fun. Then the idea of a Doggie Daycare became a thought, that became a dream that became               DOGGIE PaWS WORLD 

DOGGIE PaWS WORLD is located in Camden Harbor View of the ever so colorful  Downtown  Long Beach, California. Our facility
offers  3  indoor dog parks, for exercise, rest and doggie pampering.

DOGGIE PaWS WORLD Outdoor Programs  take
full advantage of Dog Friendly Long Beach through lots of exercise at the dog parks, riding in bike lanes, running in the water at Rosie's Dog Beach or going for long walks down Rainbow Harbor or Lighthouse Trail.  

DOGGIE PaWS World  Grooming offers full service bath and brush as well as grooming for all dogs!
Also self-serve bath and brushes

 We are hands on at all times with the the most amazing DOGGIE PaWS staff.

Let our human paws,
care for your Doggie Paws!!!!

250 West Ocean Blvd Suite #F
Long Beach , CA 90802

(562) 794-7149
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